Target II

Women's Health and Wellness

Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention


Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention will focus specifically on early detection through mammograms to improve the survival rate of women diagnosed with breast cancer. Alpha Kappa Alpha will own a digital AKA Mobile Breast Cancer Screening Unit that will travel to various locations and provide mammogram screening. Chapters will partner with local clinics, rural health centers, and hospitals to emphasize the need for African-American women to receive regular mammograms.

Heart Health

Remains a focus as the sorority enhances its commitment to healthy hearts through fitness activities and walking. Rho Xi Omega will form walking clubs and invite the community to join the walking initiatives.

Nutrition and Wellness


Nutrition and Wellness will emphasize healthy lifestyles including prenatal, childhood, adult, and senior nutrition programs. The focus will be on structured nutrition initiatives, and Rho Xi Omega will partner with local nutritionists and dieticians to design healthy eating plans and safe diets for longer, healthier living.

Rho Xi Omega members are participating in the 1908 Pounds Weight Loss Challenge.

Care For The Caregiver


Care for the Caregivers places emphasis on taking care of those who take care of others. Rho Xi Omega will emphasize the need for caregivers to practice preventive healthcare as well as self-care behavior to eliminate the vulnerabilities and risks associated with the stress of caregiving.